Ohio Cipher


This cryptogram first appeared in the Lima Times-Democrat newspaper, on 3rd July 1916. The best scan we have was made available courtesy of Tom Rieder of the Ohio History Connection in Columbus, OH:



“At the request of a citizen of Lima, we publish a note written in cypher. As it is of the utmost importance that the contents of the note be ascertained. Any suggestions by readers of the paper which will in any way assist in learning the contents of the note will be greately appreciated. The note is as follows: Was nvivaft by aakat txpxsck upbk txphn ohay ybtx cpt mxhg wae sxfp zavfz ack there first txlk week wayx za with thx”

A follow-up note appeared on the 7th July 1916, with a slightly different rendering of the cipher:-