Cylob Cryptogram

In 2007, British musician / DJ ‘Cylob’ (Chris Jeffs) posted to his blog that:

In about 1995 or 1996, I was in a bookshop in central London, I’m sure it was the one that used to be called “Dillons Arts” but that later turned into a Waterstones. There was a pile of mysterious booklets next to the main display near the entrance, and a note next to them indicated that they were free. I asked one of the assistants what it was all about, and she said they didn’t know, simply that some mysterious person was leaving them. I wonder if the symbols mean anything, or if it was just an elaborate and pointless joke.

German crypto-blogger Klaus Schmeh posted about this in May 2015, and was able (thanks to commenter Gert Brantner) to get a complete set of scans from Chris Jeffs. A different blogger (Torsten) then posted up a partial transcription of the Cylob cryptogram here, though only of the larger shapes in the cryptogram: the complex shapes and the smaller blocks of symbols in the cryptogram have not yet been rationalized or transcribed.

The scans are available here.