Isaac’s Alien Cipher

Though allegedly coming from Palo Alto “CARET Labs” (which never existed) and only attested by a single (long-dead) FortuneCity webpage, the set of supposedly alien diagrams that “Isaac” claimed to have worked on at CARET in the mid-1980s do have a certain Adobe Illustrator-like charm to them.

Moreover, there seems good reason to suspect that the text-like strings in these diagrams contain decidedly non-otherworldly technobabble: specifically, letters, numbers and even brackets. However, they have not yet been decrypted or even properly transcribed.

Many aspects of Isaac’s narrative have been investigated over the years, including trying to determine the location of “PACL” in Palo Alto, which Isaac claimed was in a nondescript single-storey office building but with five basement levels: however no detail has ever been successfully cross-referenced with anything that actually exists.

Hence the whole story seems to be little more than a nicely-executed (but utterly bogus) piece of UFO “faction”, with “Isaac” long having left the stadium. It may be that decrypting the text from the diagrams will gives us a little more of a clue as to where this came from. Hopefully we shall see!

“Alien Cipher” Images

alien cipher page 119

alien cipher page 120

alien cipher page 121

alien cipher page 122

alien cipher page 123